Early Enrichment #3: Similes


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Watch this video about similies

Fall Simile Writing Activity

Option 1

Here are some sentence starters for you to complete on paper.

You may add in your own ideas if you wish.

Add color/designs to your finished page.

A fall leaf is a red as a _________________________.

A jack-o-lantern is a round as a______________________.

A fall leaf is a crunchy as a___________________________.

A fall leaf is as ____________________ as ________________________.

A pumpkin is _______________________like _______________________.

A bat is as ________________________as __________________________.

Halloween is __________________________as ___________________.

The scarecrow is ____________________like__________________________.

Share your key note or sentences to the EY coordinator in your building.

Post a comment with a sentence you wrote that you would like to share.

Include your First Name, your school and your favorite sentence

Example: Dottie, Sunset  Fall leaves fall to the ground like snowflakes.

picture from ehssjadej.edublogs.org

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