3rd Quarter Review

Wow!  I know I’ve said this before, but this quarter sure flew by!  There is definitely some truth to the old adage “time flies when you’re having fun”!  I love science, so this quarter was a lot of fun for me, and hopefully for my EY students as well!

We started off the quarter with our SCAMPER exploration and tasting – yum!  Then the inventors of long ago and today, such as Thomas Edison, Rube Goldberg and Maya Penn, began to kindle the inventor flame in all of us.  We went on to create our own inventions to solve simple problems such as getting a ping-pong ball across a zip line, or building the strongest straw bridge from 25 drinking straws.  Some of the EY students with an interest in robotics took a trip to the high school to take part in a robotics class.  Other students spent time programming the CEENBoTs to follow paths they designed.  We also got to explore science related apps on the iPads such as Chemist and Froguts (virtual frog dissecting).

Our culminating project for the quarter was either researching and creating a report on a favorite inventor, or becoming the inventor.  The path of the inventor was definitely the road more traveled!  We have had some amazing inventions created by these innovative students!  They have been presenting this week and I believe these students have ideas that can change their world!  Just ask them!

photo 01                         photo 02                         photo 03  photo                      photo 04              photo 05photo 07                   photo 06

This quarter wraps up with conferences on Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday the 12th.  I will do my best to attend as many conferences as possible, however with 3 schools it has proven to be a challenge…I might need to create my own invention to solve this one!  For those conferences that I am not able to attend, I would be happy to chat through email or over the phone.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

I truly enjoy working with your students and look forward to a great 4th quarter!

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