Early Enrichment #4: Alien Invasion


Imagine you are a scientist for NASA responsible for a top secret research project on one of the planets. Your job is to inform the world on what your planet is like, and if there is any form of life living there.

First, watch the videos to learn about what planets you can find in our solar system. 


Then, choose a planet to research using one of the links below.

Planet for Kids 

National Geographic Kids- What is a Planet?

Here are some questions to think about as you research your planet:

What does your planet look like? How far away from the sun is your planet?

What can you find on your planet? Is the temperature cold or hot?

What is the surface like? How long does it take your planet to go around the sun?

After researching your planet, show what you have learned by designing a Planet Report. Your report should include important information about your planet and a drawing of an alien life form that could survive on it. Be sure to label and describe your alien’s  features, for example eyes, and why they are vital for your alien’s survival.

Share your Planet Report and Alien with your EY Coordinator!

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