#7 Full STEAM Ahead: Binary Code Name


Computer coding seems to be everywhere these days.  But what exactly is computer coding?  Well, it’s a little bit like teaching a dog tricks.  You have to teach a computer what to do by speaking its “language.”  One such language, or code, is binary.  It works by using a system of 2 symbols, base 2, often made up of 0’s and 1’s.  Check out this article on binary code and take on the challenges below.

Here are a few tasks for you to take on while reading the article:

*Write your name using UTF-8 binary code

*Write something in binary code using a symbol, object, or color that exists in two forms or states (ex:  coin, shapes, up/down arrows, etc…)

*Take the “Bit Groups” challenge at the end of the article

We would love to see the binary work you have done!  Leave a comment or email your EY coordinator.  Happy coding!

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