L. Arts Mini-Spark #1: How do geckos defy gravity?

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For this week’s Reading enRichment, complete the following:

  • Read the following writing prompts before you watch the video.
    • What are spatula?  If the spatulae weren’t shaped like spatulas, would it be better for them to be shaped like spheres or cubes? Why?
    • Explain the process that makes the geckos feet “stick” to surfaces.
    • Talk about how the geckos sticky feet can help humans create new materials. How could this help humankind?
  • Watch this TED Talk:  https://youtu.be/YeSuQm7KfaE
  • Pause the video if you need to take notes.  You may need to watch the video more than once.
  • Choose one of the prompts listed above and leave a comment (at least 3-4 sentences).  When leaving a comment, use your first name, grade, and school (i.e. Tyler, 5, Sunset).  Do not publish your email.

NOTE:  There is a section in the video about electrons and charges.  You do not need to understand this 100%, just watch and listen to the narrator explain the process.

Take it a step further by learning more about our world using research and Geckos!

  • Watch this video: https://youtu.be/TlyvS1ckDZM
  • Expand on what you have learned by researching your own animal and responding to this prompt:
    • What is another animal that exhibits an incredible phenomenon, and how can it be used to make life better for humankind?
  • Record your responses on this form

And if you still can’t get enough…This “Prototype This” episode @ https://youtu.be/0yp9tsthL8s is about creating a Gecko Superhero Suit.  Respond to this post after watching the video with any new learnings, thoughts, and/or opinions.

3 thoughts on “L. Arts Mini-Spark #1: How do geckos defy gravity?

  1. Geckos have sticky ties with hairs called seate. Each seate has tinier hairs called spatulae that can stick and release on command. Similiar tests have been done on imitating the geckos adhesive ability which allows an average man to be able to climb 25 feet up a glass wall

  2. Scientists can make a special pair of gloves that humans can use to climb walls. Scientists can use it to put on a product so it can stick to the wall, or window. Thus can change mankind by the way we do things. People would be able to easily climb trees, tall windows, and maybe even be able to climb big rocks, such as Uluru.

  3. Geckos have ridges on their feet with tiny hairs called setae, and setae is covered with more tiny hairs called spatulae . The gecko can stick and release on command. The patches find their perfect opposite when the gecko sticks. The spatulae do not have a lot of stickiness, but a gecko has over 2 billion of them, so he sticks pretty good, he could even dangle from one toe! But if he changes the angle, he will fall. Scientists created an artificial version of the gecko’s stickiness, and a full grown man could climb up 25 feet by sticking to a wall. Pretty cool.

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