Author Visit

At the beginning of the school year, Westside Middle School students were given the opportunity to be beta readers for a young adult novel.  Author Angela Prusia has always had beta readers for her novels, but this was the first time she asked students to give her feedback.  After the book was released in February, Angela noted:

“I’m so grateful for all the amazing feedback from your students on my book, Cafeteria Food, which I renamed Nameless after several students’ suggestions! Hands down, their feedback was better than what I normally receive from adults.”

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Fourteen students’ names made it on the acknowledgment page in Angela’s book.  She is excited to offer the students another opportunity to be beta readers for the next two books in this trilogy (another decision she made based on the beta readers’ feedback).

During her visit at Westside Middle School, Angela had the students write several different pieces during a Writer’s Workshop.  Click here to download a compilation of their work.

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