Early Enrichment #20: Math Challenges

Do you have what it takes to be a math olympiad?

Try these math challenges to find out! 


(1) How many squares and triangles are there in the following drawing?

Triange Squares

(2) Draw the following shapes in one stroke without lifting the pencil and without retracing the same line.

1stroke_2 1stroke_1

(3) Sam lives in an apartment building. There are 3 levels above her and 2 levels below her. How many levels are there in the building?

(4) What do the following letters have in common?


(5) There are 2 rings and 6 triangles. Move the rings and triangles so that each ring has 4 triangles in them.

New 3r7

(6)  Alphabet Spaghetti Puzzle

Spaghetti is famous for the way it all gets tangled up on the plate. Those of you who think they know their alphabet are bound to get all tangled up with this puzzle too, unless you read it and think about it very carefully!

What letter of the alphabet is the one which comes eight letters before the letter which comes five letters after the fourth appearance of the first letter to occur four times in this sentence?

Comment Below with your answers!

Questions from Math Top 10 and Math is Fun

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