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RhymeOutI found out about Rhyme Out from a colleague a few months ago and have enjoyed playing it with students of all ages.  Each card has 3 clues and the answers all rhyme.  For example:  Here are the clues…

  • Something you wear on your foot
  • What you do to get someone to open a door
  • Something that beats scissors but not paper

Remember, the answers all rhyme.  Think you’ve got it?  Scroll down to find out the answers.


  • Sock
  • Knock
  • Rock

Some of the cards are trickier than others, but on almost every card, there’s an opportunity to discuss spelling, other rhyming words, or talk about homophones, etc.  For example, one of today’s cards had the answers of thigh, dye, and pie.  While all those words rhyme, they are not spelled with the same ending.


My 1st graders are still learning to spell so when we play Rhyme Out, we can easily extend it to a 30-minute lesson.  They love to write the answers on the white board.

One of the cards had Greece, piece, and geese as the answers.  We talked about the “ee” and “ea” combination of letters and the “ce” and “se” endings.  We also talked about Greece vs. grease and how “tease” may look like it rhymes with the others, but it doesn’t.

There are several ways to extend this game.  Here are a few ideas…

  1. Have students come up with their own Rhyme Out cad that has 3 clues with answers that rhyme.
  2. Younger Kids:  Talk about word families (here is one of many sites) and have them use each word in a sentence.  For a challenge, see if they can make a sentence that has 2-3 rhyming words.
  3. Older Kids:  Students can write limericks which require the use of rhyming words.

In the comments section, please leave 3 clues that have answers that all rhyme.  The students and I will try to figure out the answers!

3 thoughts on “Rhyme Out

    1. Blue

      A vessel you use in the water. – boat
      What do you wear when it is cold? – coat
      A farm animal with a beard and horns is a – goat

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