November/December Notes

The last couple months are a blur!  We have been so busy with Spelling Bees and Geography Bees in addition to our regular schedule.  It has been a little crazy!  I hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving break and are looking forward to the Winter break, which will be here before we know it.

In EY, we have moved on from the strategy theme and are on to communication.  We have been discussing several literary devices, enriching what they are also learning  in the classroom.  This involves the creative side of their brains, which is fun to see.  We have some that really are able to think outside the box, for others it is a bit of a stretch.  But it is always good to step outside of your comfort zone now and then.

All students are working on memorizing a poem for the last week before winter break.  We are planning a poetry cafe morning when all the EY students in each school would come together, share their poem and enjoy some refreshments as an end of the quarter celebration.  This activity is to prepare them for future Poetry Out Loud competitions in high school.  This allows them to explore this and decide if it is something  they would like to pursue.   I encourage you to check out the website for Poetry Out Loud and see all the benefits of this.   It is a wonderful opportunity to develop speaking skills and confidence.  I am anxious to see how it turns out.  If you haven’t heard them practicing their poem,  you may want to ask them how it is going.

We also completed our first Math Olympiad competition.  This is a test we take in class each month from November to March.  I was impressed with the scores and enjoyed listening to their strategies for solving the problems.  We will take the second one next week.

Wordly Wise is also an expectation that I am pleased to say is going well.  I have had very few late assignments and the quality of the work has been excellent for the most part.

Twenty-five years ago, my husband and I hosted an exchange student from Argentina.  He now has a daughter of his own and she will be visiting us for a couple of months.   She will arrive Dec. 20th and will be here until the end of February.  We are excited about her visit and I plan to have her visit my students and discuss the cultural differences.  It should be interesting!

That is all I have to share for now.  Once again, please contact me if you have questions or concerns.

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  1. Thank you Mrs. Lusero for all of the work you’re doing with the students at Sunset and Loveland. It’s great to hear about the variety of opportunities our students have! 🙂

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