Not a verb for mouse-like actions, but rather an acronym for innovation!

Substitute, Combine, Adapt or add, Modify maximize or minimizePut to another use, Eliminate, Reverse or rearrange

SCAMPER is a creative brainstorming tool used in a variety of settings including companies looking to create new ideas and products.  Virtually anything around you can be put through the SCAMPER process.  We put the process to work on various everyday items to see what new and innovating products we could create.  One group of students were given an umbrella which soon became a boat for small animals.  The everyday baggie was turned into a biodegradable icing design bag.  We also SCAMPERed the Oreo to create many amazing new products definitely worthy of the famous cookie’s name!  Some of our most popular products were:  The Oreo Popsicle (winner in one group), Oreo dispenser hat, computer software to create and order your own personalized Oreo, giant sized Oreos, cream on the outside Oreos, an Oreo dispensing machine, an Oreo sphere, and an Oreo burger.  Oreo definitely has some competition on their hands…or some future inventors!


scamper1       scamper2scamper3



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