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Toy Hackers

There will be new episodes and DIY videos every week! Watch now @

Try this yourself! Collect the supplies and create! Snap a picture of your speakers and send it to the EY coordinator in your building.

If you liked this project, check out Toy Hackers. Toy Hackers is a new web series for the next generation of inventors! In the first weekly show, Goldie & the gang will help kids turn toy boxes into toolboxes.

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Calling all doodlers!

It’s time to start sketching, because this year’s Doodle 4 Google contest will be open soon.

K-12 students are invited to bring their imagination to life in a doodle of the Google logo, using any medium they choose. The winner’s artwork will be featured on the Google homepage  @

Doodles are the fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists.

Check out the contest page to see past winners and to get some ideas! Start working on some sketches.

Check for contest details.







Animal Olympians

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Welcome to the Animal Olympics, where species compete daily in the wild to thrive and survive.  Different species have adapted different athletic abilities to succeed in their respective environments, from running fast to chase prey to swimming great distances in search of food and safety. Animals are amazing athletes and their performances in the wild are of often above and beyond Olympic caliber.

And the medals go to………. Animal Olympic Medal Winners

Read through each of the animal award winners, and then choose your own animal to research.  After you have gathered new information about your animal, create an award for your animal similar to those at WWF. Share your project with the EY coordinator in your building.











Calling all comic artists!


ART CONTEST Grades 2–6

Jeff Kinney Design-a-Character-Contest

Due Date for Entries: April 30, 2016

Ten (10) Grand-Prize Winners will receive an original illustration by Jeff Kinney and a Wimpy Kid Prize Pack.

Ten (10) Runners-Up will each receive a Wimpy Kid Prize Pack.

Draw your own comic character. Include a speech bubble with some details about your character.

All entries must include student’s name, age, and grade; and teacher’s name, school name, address, and phone number.

Send entries to:
Jeff Kinney Design-a-Character Contest
P.O. Box 714
New York, NY 10013-0714

# 8 Full Steam Ahead

Have you wanted to create your own video game?

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.02.02 PM

YES??? Well, “Floors” is the app for you

Watch this video that shows you what the app will do.

Watch this video that introduces how to start your own game and a little information about each of the buttons and what they do.

Use this Pixel Press guide to get started

Get started creating!

  1. Go to the app store and download Floors (Pixel Press) Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.02.30 AM
  2.  Open app, type in your code and click “allow microphone”

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.02.26 AM

3. To get to the area where you will create click “Create”


4.  After spending time learning and creating, you can share your video game with your   teacher or the EY coordinator in your building. Create a post below telling us what you like about this app. Include your first name and your school with your post.

5. If you want to take this a step further and create a drawing and convert it to a video game, read this article and download this special graph paper at  to get started.

This is a tutorial for how to create your drawing on paper or game using the draw in app feature

This is a link to more video tutorials


#10 Reading Enrichment: Homographs

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.59.22 AM

Put quite simply, a homograph is a group (usually a pair) of words that are spelled the same way, but have different meanings. They may or may not be pronounced the same way, although the difference in pronunciation is often just a shift in the accented syllable.

Strengthen your brain by playing a matching game.

You will be given two lists of word definitions.Find the pair that has the homograph in common. Here is a sample:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.08.12 AM

2 and D go together since their word is “dove.”

3 and A both go with the word “tear.”

The remaining words are: contract, wound, and model.

Work through 3-5 sample sets at 

Try to find the answers and jot down your guesses, before clicking the hint button. This will give you the 5 words.

Your challenge:

Build a 2 column form for these 5 homographs (or 5 of your choice)

minute, coordinates, produce, entrance, down

Make an answer key to go along with your definitions.

Share your lists with your teacher or  EY coordinator in your building.

Rubber Band Contest

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.45.29 AM


Design and create a working invention/artwork that incorporates at least one (1) rubber band.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 9.46.11 AM


Go to to download the official rules guide and entry form. All entries must be postmarked by March 16, 2016. Contact the EY coordinator in your building if you need assistance with this project.