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L. Arts Mini Spark #50 – Report Writing

The purpose of news report writing is to inform an audience. A report is a story that is currently happening or that just happened. Writing a news report is easy if you report on the subject clearly and write in a style that is clear, concise, and active. One should gather answers to the 5 W’s and H questions while writing about an event or something that happened.

1 – Watch this video about the basics of writing a news report.

2 – Complete the following activities and email a photo of each to your EY Coordinator.

3 – Visit, Scholastic Kids Press. Select an article and identify the 5 W’s in the story.

Website for Parents

SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) is a nonprofit network of people who guide gifted, talented, and twice-exceptional individuals to reach their goals intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

THe SENG website is loaded with resources to help parents and educators guide gifted children. By joining SENG, members can register for online SENGinars, join a parent support group, and have access to the SENG library.

Book Recommendations

Gifted Kids Survival Guide: 10 and Under

An updated, informative book examines the problems of gifted and talented students and explains how they can make the best use of their educational opportunities, get along better with parents and friends, and better understand themselves. 

Gifted Kids Survival Guide: Teen Handbook

Written with help from hundreds of gifted teenagers, this handbook is the ultimate guide to surviving and thriving in a world that doesn’t always value, support, or understand high ability. Full of surprising facts, step-by-step strategies, practical how-tos, and inspiring quotations, featuring insightful essays contributed by gifted teens and adults, the book gives readers the tools they need to understand giftedness, accept it as an asset, and use it to make the most of who they are. Teens learn the facts about giftedness, including:

  • what “giftedness” means (and doesn’t mean)
  • the truth about IQ, tests, and testing (and four reasons why tests can’t be trusted)

About the Author

Award-winning author and publisher Judy Galbraith, M.A., has a master’s degree in guidance and counseling of the gifted. A former classroom teacher, she has worked with and taught gifted children and teens, their parents, and their teachers for many years. In 1983 she started Free Spirit Publishing, which specializes in Self-Help for Kids® and Self-Help for Teens® books and other learning resources. Judy is the author or coauthor of several books, including The Gifted Teen Survival GuideWhen Gifted Kids Don’t Have All The AnswersWhat Kids Need to Succeed, and What Teens Need to Succeed. She has appeared on Oprah and has been featured in Family Circle and Family Life, as well as numerous other magazines, newspapers, and broadcast and electronic media. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota

NAGC Parent Resources

As you get to know your sensitive, energetic toddler, watch your 10 year struggle to fit in at school, or agonize with your high schooler about multiple college choices, you may wonder why your child seems different from other children. Is your child gifted?  If yes, what next? NAGC works to provide you the tools you need to help your child succeed.
Advice from William Schlitz, father of Haley Taylor Schlitz, on raising a gifted child.


Social Studies Mini Spark #38: A Brief History of Plastics

Plastic is not just used for milk jugs and bottles of soda…it’s EVERYWHERE! Watch the video below about the history of plastic and then do some further research on something specific mentioned in the video.
Topics to study further include the timeline of plastic production, the use of plastics in WWII,  the environmental impact of plastics, or a topic of your choice related to plastics.  If you’re interested in more of the environmental impact of plastics and other litter, check out Jeff Kirschner’s TED Talk below.

Blackout Poetry Contest

According, a blackout poem is when a poet takes a marker (usually black marker) to already established text–like in a newspaper–and starts redacting words until a poem is formed.  

If you’re not familiar with blackout poetry, this 5ish minute video provides a good overview.

You can also “Google” blackout poetry” and find a plethora of images/examples.

Contest Rules

  • Create a blackout poem.  You can use a newspaper, magazine, book that you own (the EY Team has some to choose from), etc.
  • Submit your blackout poem by Wednesday, October 14 using this Google Form link:
  • Prizes will be awarded! Good prizes! You should definitely do this contest!


International Dot Day

Do you know what comes around every Sept. 15?

International Dot Day???

Get started exploring the dot by watching “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.

There are so many ways to celebrate that dot!  A dot might be small, but it’s a powerful way to show your unique individuality and creativity.

Timed Creative Challenge

Don’t look at the challenge until you are ready to get started. Have an adult or a friend print this it off for you. You need a pencil or colored pencils and a timer set to 3 minutes.

Timed Creative Challenge Sheet

Dot book study guide and writing projects

This guide has discussion questions and writing prompts for you to try!

Dot Book Study Guide

Dot Engineering

Design and create a structure with simple materials.

Dot Engineering 

Dot Art

Learn about pointillism using this art mini lesson.

Dot Art

Dot  Birthdays

You will research famous people who have made their mark on our world with this dot activity.

Dot Birthdays 

Do you want to earn the Dot Badge?

Check out the Dot badge Recording Sheet.