Early Enrichment #2: You can be an inventor

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.01.52 AMBUILD A BETTER PENCIL

Did you know that the popsicle, ear muffs AND the trampoline were invented by kids? You can be an inventor, too. Take this challenge to create a new and improved pencil.


Inventors are motivated by things that don’t work. Imagine that your pencil keeps slipping out of your hand and it presses on your fingers and they get sore.

Figure out the problem!        Is the pencil too narrow?               Is the paint  to slippery.

Think about what might improve the pencil so that the problem is erased (no pun intended). Write your ideas down in a notebook.


Brainstorm as many ideas to solve the problem of as possible. Next, turn these ideas into designs. Draw them in your note book. No matter how bizarre or unrealistic a design may seem, make sure to make sure to include it. Although a design may seem impossible, it might inspire a realistic solution.

Comment below to share your ideas or Snap a picture of your best pencil idea and share it with the EY coordinator in your building.


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