#87: Palindrome “Week”

It’s Palindrome “Week”

The dates December 1-9 form a palindrome when the month is written as 12 and the year is written as 21.  So…

December 1 is 12-1-21
December 2 is 12-2-21
December 3 is 12-3-21

BONUS:  12-11-21 and 12-22-21 are also palindrome dates this month!

The date reads the same forward as it does backwards.  This doesn’t happen often, but it’s happening now until December 9!

To earn this mini-spark,

  • Check out these palindromes for kids: https://kids.kiddle.co/Palindrome pay special attention to any words that are new to you and phrases that are palindromes. These items should all be included in your final note taking page.
  • Watch the video about palindromes https://youtu.be/1QC20PBvunI and pause the video as needed to record any new words/phrases that are palindromes.
  • Share your work with your teacher and/or EY Coordinators to earn this mini spark.

Where can you find 🅿🅰🅻🅸🅽🅳🆁🅾🅼🅴🆂?

Leave a comment and/or send a picture of a palindrome you discovered.

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