#87: Palindrome Week

Some times we have a Palindrome “Week”

December 1-9  in 2021 formed a palindrome when the month is written as 12 and the year is written as 21.  So…

December 1 was 12-1-21
December 2 was 12-2-21
December 3 was 12-3-21
12-11-21 and 12-22-21 were also palindrome dates in Dec. 2021.
The date reads the same forward as it does backwards.  This doesn’t happen often!

To earn this mini-spark,

  • Check out these palindromes for kids: https://kids.kiddle.co/Palindrome pay special attention to any words that are new to you and phrases that are palindromes. These items should all be included in your final note taking page.
  • Watch the video about palindromes https://youtu.be/1QC20PBvunI and pause the video as needed to record any new words/phrases that are palindromes.
  • Share your work with your teacher and/or EY Coordinators to earn this mini spark.

Where can you find 🅿🅰🅻🅸🅽🅳🆁🅾🅼🅴🆂?

Leave a comment and/or send a picture of a palindrome you discovered.

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