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One way to ease a little anxiety before competing in a school competition like the Geography Bee is to understand the format.  Here are some basic details:

Everyone will participate in the first 7 rounds.  Last year, the content for the first 4 rounds was:

  1. U.S. Geography (multiple choice)
  2. U.S. Cities (multiple choice)
  3. U.S. Historic Places (multiple choice)
  4. Continents (must say one of the 7 continents as the answer)

The top 5 or so scorers from the first 4 rounds will move to the final round.  In the finals, it’s double elimination so a contestant isn’t eliminated until they miss 2 questions.

The championship round will start when there are only 2 contestants left.

There isn’t a district Geography Bee.  The winner from each elementary building will take a written test sometime in late January/early February.  The top 100 contestants from Nebraska will be invited to take a test at UNO.

Hope this information helps!

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