Tinker Lab

It is hard to believe that the year is halfway over, and February is just around the corner. I have really enjoyed my role so far as a part of the EY Team, and wanted to share about a new enrichment opportunity that is taking place in my schools.

After attending, NETA last spring I was inspired as a librarian to start a Makerspace in my library. Many of you are probably wondering, what is a Makerspace or Tinker Lab?

Check out this presentation to learn more about Makerspaces and Tinker Labs in our district. 

It took quite a bit of planning, grant writing, and organizing, but it is up and running. Just recently I have opened it up to classes to come and Tinker. Here are some pictures of our #tinkeringpandas.



I can’t wait to see what else my students create in their tinkering!

Mini Labs (Directions)

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