20-21: Weekly Challenge #2-Kitchen Challenge

What’s Cooking?

This week’s EY Weekly Challenge has you cooking up something in the kitchen!

For this Weekly Challenge, please choose one of the following options:

  • Ask a grandparent, relative, parent(s), etc. for a family recipe.  Is it something you always have at a holiday gathering?  Something only prepared on a special occasion? Submit a family recipe along with an explanation of its significance to you/your family.
  • Make something in the kitchen and take a picture/video of the process and/or final product.  Make sure your creation has a name and that you provide the ingredients necessary to make your recipe.  Make sure to get an adult’s approval first before you start.

Google Form Link: https://forms.gle/RzHSWDHtnonnRvFu7

Image Source: https://www.clipart.email/clipart/kid-chef-clipart-33460.html

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