#59: World’s Favorite Cookie

What is your favorite kind of cookie?  Mine is chocolate chip and I especially love my mother-in-law’s recipe that has pudding in the batter.  Yum!

For this week’s Math Minute, you have an opportunity to win a package of cookies for your class.  See the list below for your choice of activities that can get you entered!

  • Watch this video about one of America’s favorite cookies.  Jot down some facts as  you watch the video.  Complete this quiz afterwards.  One response per person.  Duplicate responses will be eliminated.
  • Check out this website listing 15 interesting facts about the “World’s Favorite Cookie”.  Post a comment below with something new and interesting you read.  One comment = 1 Entry for the cookies for your class.  In your comment, include your first name, grade, and school (i.e. Toby, 2, Sunset).
  • Oreo Thins have a diameter of 4.5 centimeters and a thickness of 7.5 millimeters.  Write your answers to the following questions on a sheet of paper with your first and last name, school, grade, and teacher.  Have your teacher put it in the “Pony” to Sunset Hills EY.  One entry per student please.
    •  What is the Circumference (C = pi * diameter) of an Oreo Thin?
    • What is the Area (A = pi * radius squared) of an Oreo Thin?
    • How tall would a stack of 10 Oreo Thins be?

image taken from https://www.pdclipart.org/


7 thoughts on “#59: World’s Favorite Cookie

  1. Oreo Big Stuff were discontinued and had 10 times the filling!
    Hogs hate Oreos.
    Hydrox came first two years before Oreos!

  2. There used to be big stuff Oreos but the people stopped selling them, but everybody misses them. Also the first Oreo was created on March, 6 1912. There used to be a lemon meringue Oreo but they stopped production in the 1920s.

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