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Spelling Bee Practice

*This is a great word list to use to start.

*Make sure you know how to pronounce all of the words from the list. You can use Google to help you with this. Type in the word and the word “pronounce” and it will pop up for you.

*Start with the first five words.
*Whisper spell each one 5 times.
               Now practice spelling one word one at a time.
*Look at one word quickly.
*Close your eyes and spell the word using the strategy that works for you.
*Open your eyes and check your spelling from the list.
*Keep practicing until you can spell all 5 correctly.
*Repeat with the next 5 on the list.

Do you want to try more practice words?

Find the list that is right for you.
grade 3
grade 4
grade 5
grade 6
grade 7
grade 8
Happy Spelling!

Student Voices Storytelling Project-Deadline Nov. 6

Nebraska Loves Public School presents…

Student Voices

Student Voices is a new exploratory storytelling project featuring students in Nebraska. Modeled after Humans of New York, this project will allow students to express their voice on issues impacting their education and everyday lives.

Students will tell a story about something important to them (i.e extracurricular activities, how current events are affecting them, their goals for the future, etc.) They will then upload 3-4 pictures to facilitate the story.

These Student Voices stories will be featured on Nebraska Loves Public Schools site and social media alongside selected students across the state.

Our Westside students have great stories to tell and we would love to see some of them featured! The deadline for the first round of Student Voices is Friday, November 6.  This project is open to all students K-12.

Please write your story on this Student Voices form and have your guardian fill out the release at the end. Take a look at the sample images for help in selecting your photos.

The Hardest Math Problem Student Contest (Grades 5-8)

The Hardest Math Problem Student Contest is an annual competition presented by Scholastic, The Actuarial Foundation, and the New York Life Foundation that challenges grades 6–8 students to solve multistep, grade-appropriate math problems with real-world situations and engaging characters. NOTE: 5th graders are eligible to participate by reaching to a higher grade level!
  • Contact your EY Coordinator to get a copy of your grade level challenge question.  NOTE: All students are invited to take an extra challenge and submit entries at either their current grade level or above. They may submit one entry per question they are grade-eligible to answer. For example, a 5th grader may submit up to three entries, one each at the 6, 7, and 8 levels.
  • Students must provide a mathematically correct answer to a challenge in order to receive an invitation to compete in Challenge 2 with an even more difficult problem.
  • Entries Due Nov. 23.  Your EY Coordinator will submit your entry.

American Red Cross Heroes Essay Contest

Every hero has a story, and now is your chance to tell it!

This essay contest is for students in grades 5-8

Prize includes a surprise classroom party in January or February of 2021

Entries are due by Friday, November 20, 2020

Check out the flyer and cover page below for more Information.

Essay Flyer:

Essay Cover Page:

Flaunt It-Essay and Art Contest Grades 3-5

           Student Essay + Art Contest      Deadline 11/16/20

grades 3-5

Inspired by the theme “the things that make me different make me, me,” students are asked to develop an essay or artwork about how you flaunt their differences. Use the planner and rubric to support your work—in class or at home.

Click here to make a copy of the documents if you want to type your responses

Click here to download a PDF and write your responses.



2020 We-Side Poster Contest

The We-Side Community Council continues to brainstorm terrific ideas to promote inclusivity, equity and respect throughout our district.
The 2020 We-Side Poster Contest invites you to create your own poster incorporating at least one of the words from WE-SIDE.

Welcoming Equity Support Inclusion Dignity Everyone


  • Entries are due October 13
  • Make sure your entry includes your first and last name and your grade level
  • Turn it your entry at your school’s main office
  • Prizes will be awarded in the following divisions: K-2nd Grade, 3rd-4th Grade, 5th-6th Grade, Middle School, High School, and Staff

Do Space After School Club

Starting August 24, Do Space  will be offering a 100% free After-School Club that will feature computer programming, coding, engineering, and other STEAM related activities!

  • Elementary After-School Club @ 4:35 PM Monday-Thursday (ages 6-10)
  • Middle School After-School Club @ 3:35 PM Monday-Thursday (ages 11-15)
Check out their website for more information:

Westside Community Schools does not sponsor or endorse the organization or activity described in this material. The distribution of this material is provided as a community service.


Battle of the Books 2020

Registration has begun for the Battle of the Books 2020!

Online registration runs through Friday, October 25.
Battle of the Books celebrates reading and fosters team spirit, and is open to all Westside District 4th through 6th graders.  We are hoping to have all 10 elementary schools represented at this year’s battle on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at the Westside Middle School.
For more details, please visit:

Writing Contest: Robots

What type of robot would you invent to help people (or your community) and why?

WHO: 4th – 12th graders

WHAT: Essay answering, “What type of robot would you invent to help people (or your community) and why?

WHEN: Submissions are due March 15, 2019

WHY: To practice your writing skills of course!  You might also win a chance to meet Grant Imahara who has worked on some of the most famous movie and TV robots of all time including R2-D2 and the Energizer Bunny.

Visit for more details.