L. Arts Mini-Spark #46: Like to Read? Check out Tween Tribune!

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Are you an enthusiastic reader who likes to read current event articles from a variety of sources? Check out…………Tween Tribune!

Tween Tribune consists of daily news sites and includes text, photos, graphics, and audio and/or video materials prepared by the Smithsonian and others about current events, history, art, culture and science.

It’s easy find articles:

  • Go to http://tweentribune.com
  • Select a Grade Level at the top (K-4, 5-8, or 9-12)
  • Scan the articles and select one (or more) to read
  • Post a comment.  In your comment, please do the following:
    • Include your name, grade and school (Trevor, 3, Sunset)
    • Summarize the article and/or type a question you have after reading the article
    • Answer the Critical Thinking Challenge found at the end of the article



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