#17 Math Minute: More Pi Day Preparation

Did you know…Among the digits of pi currently known, the concentration of each of the digits 0-9 are pretty close to equal. However, in the first 30 places of pi’s decimal expansion, there is a digit is completely missing?  Which digit is it?  (taken from http://mathforum.org)

How can you spend your Math Minutes this Week?

  • Below you will see the first 98 digits of pi.  Record the number of times each digit appears.  Which digit is not used in the first 30 places?  Record your discovery in the comment section.


  • Take this Pi Day trivia quiz  If you use a website to find an answer, record it in the comment section below along with the answer to the question.  The student (or class) that correctly answers the most questions will receive a prize!
  • Discover the circles around us by posting a Circle Selfie to this Padlet Wall: http://padlet.com/spady_lynn/piday16
  • Draw a logo for the Pi Day badge.  We’ll post your badge to our digital badge page and you’ll automatically receive one for creating the badge!
  • What questions do you have about pi?  What resources can you find to answer those questions?

5 thoughts on “#17 Math Minute: More Pi Day Preparation

  1. As far as I can see, 1 appears 8 times, 2 appears 12 times, 3 appears 12 times, 4 appears 7 times, 5 appears 8 times, 6 appears 8 times, 7 appears 7 times, 8 appears 11 times, 9 appears 11 times and 0 appears 8 times. The only digit that doesn’t appear in the first 30 places is 0.

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