2020-21 Weekly Challenge #20: Engineers Week

For this week’s Weekly Challenge, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about various types of Engineers, complete some math problems, and possibly win PRIZES!
  • There will be 5 problems posted this week (linked below) and each problem has multiple parts.  You can submit your answers to the problems anytime during EWeek (Feb 21-27), so don’t panic if you get started late!
  • Each correct answer you get will be a ticket in that day’s prize drawing.
  • Everyone who participates will be entered in a prize drawing! Submit answers to at least one Problem of the Day and you’ll be entered to win, even if you don’t get correct answers.
  • Each individual prize drawing winner will get a $10 Amazon gift card and each group drawing winner will receive a $50 gift card to the MATHCOUNTS store!

Monday’s Problem (Environmental Engineering): https://www.mathcounts.org/resources/problem-of-the-week/eweek-2021-environmental-engineering

Tuesday’s Problem (Systems Engineering): https://www.mathcounts.org/resources/problem-of-the-week/eweek-2021-systems-engineering

Wednesday’s Problem (Software Engineering): https://www.mathcounts.org/resources/problem-of-the-week/eweek-2021-software-engineering

Thursday’s Problem (Aerospace Engineering): https://www.mathcounts.org/resources/problem-of-the-week/eweek-2021-aerospace-engineering

Friday’s Problem (Chemical Engineering): https://www.mathcounts.org/engineers-week

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