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Weekly Challenge #5 Highlights

You were all so creative in your stop motion creations!

Our favorite was Emmett and Oliver’s Athena and Poseidon creation.  Check it out below!

Here are some of our other favorites!

Don’t stop creating!  Whether it’s another stop motion or a project from another Weekly Challenge, continue to share your work with your EY Coordinator and it might just show up on the blog!

Weekly Challenge #4 Highlights

“Just make a mark and see where it takes you”

― Peter H. Reynolds, The Dot.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Weekly Challenge #4.  Check out the dot creations from our talented learners!
Caitlin, Vivian, Brooke and Olivia created pointillism artwork using a technique called stippling.

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Landon, Maxfield, Kaiden, Joseph, Bethany, and Matilda took the engineering route and created dot structures.

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Don’t forget to check out this week’s challenge!

Weekly Challenge #2 Highlights

Wow!  We have such talented chefs in our district!

Thank you all for your submissions for Weekly Challenge #2 – Kitchen Challenge

Here are a few highlights…

Check out Alondra’s Flan recipe.  It comes from her family in Mexico. It would go perfectly with Elaina’s Italian rib roast!

Here is Sanjay making Veg Biryani:

Adeline’s raviolis look YUMMY!

So does Loren’s spaghetti!

Check out Ellie making a Russian dish called Pelmeni!

Here’s the chili recipe Mitchell’s great-grandpa used in his restaurant and Anna’s great-great grandma’s pancake recipe from Sweden.

Thanks again for all of your submissions!  Save a sample for me next time! 🙂

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