#47: iPad Maths

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Go ahead…play some games on your iPad!

For this week’s Math Minute, we want you to play some games.  That’s right, games!  This site has several math games intended for the iPad.  Play as many games as you like, but most importantly, leave a comment!  Include the following in your comment:

  1. The name of the game you played
  2. The grade level you think the game is appropriate for
  3. Did you like the game?  Why or why not?
  4. What would you say to a teacher who is leery about letting students play games on the iPad?

That’s it!  Have fun!

32 thoughts on “#47: iPad Maths

  1. I played broke calculator 4 and 5
    It is appropriate for 5th grade and above because you need to be able to calculate mutiple operations.
    I liked the game because you are challenged in a fun way.
    It is fun and educational and a privilege that can be taken away.

  2. I did river crossing and I liked it because it was a challenging game where you have to read clues and then figure it out.

  3. I played Prime Labyrinth which personally wasn’t the best. On the iPad, it was easy to mis-click and then have to start over. They should have had a lives system so you don’t have to restart after a mis-click. I think this is appropriate for 5-6 graders to practice factors, composite, and prime numbers. I would tell the teacher, “games can help a lot, especially when it’s a frustrating sudden death game where you learn you primes.”

  4. I player Prime Labyrinth, which Personally wasn’t my favorite. It was just so easy to mis-click and then you would have to restart! I think they should implement a lives system so playing on an iPad would be easier. I think this game is suitable for 5 – 6 graders reviewing factors, composite, and prime numbers. To the teacher who is against games on iPads, “Games are a great way to get kids working, away from the boring textbook :)”

  5. I played pairs to 21 and the game is basically a memory game with simple math addition. I would recommend this game for first or second grade. I liked the game and would tell a teacher this game can be educational.

  6. I tried to play broken calculator 4. The game is most appropriate for 5th and 6th graders. In the game you have to find certain numbers with a calculator that only has a few keys. It involves thinking hard which I like but it takes forever to finish. I think if a game involves using your brain hard it is fine to play during free time. I love solving brain puzzles if they don’t take forever!

  7. I played area two and I think it is for kids in fourth grade. I really like the game because it is challenging.i would say this game is AWESOME.

  8. River crossing challenges , all ages , yes it was fun, yes teachers should let kids play games but only if it helps you learn.

  9. I played area two. I think it is for kids in fourth grade. I loved this game because it is challenging and fun. I would tell the teacher that this game is AWESOME.

  10. This wasn’t on the website, but 2048 is the game I like. It is related to math because you have to double numbers and come up with 2048 and beyond. It’s kind of like sudoku, but doubling numbers.

  11. I played transformations on showing how to reflect a shape on a grid, which I thought was interesting because that is what we were working on in math class. I got all them right!

  12. I played mathopoly, I would recommend this game for 5-7 graders because there are some challenging questions. Didn’t like the game because you couldn’t buy houses or hotels and the money was in pounds. I would tell a teacher who didn’t like iPad games that this game is very educational and touches on questions all throughout the world of math.

  13. This might’ve been the most fun math minute I’ve ever done! These games made me think about math a lot, (even though most were math related) and it’s kind of a reminder that math can be really fun, no matter if you are really good at it, bad at it, like it, or even don’t like t at all.

  14. I played goat crossing and it required a lot of strategy to do because you couldn’t leave the goat with carrot or wolf with sheep.

  15. Hey, thanks for all of your comments about Transum iPad Math. Some of your suggestions will help improve the activities when they are updated. Have fun with your further learning of Mathematics, it’s a wonderful subject.

  16. I played thrice and I think it would be a 3rd grade level because it was a little easy for me being a fourth grader and I liked it because it gave me kind of a challenge and I think it will give more of a challenge to younger learners. I would suggest to a teacher this transum math because all grades can have a good challenge on transum math.

  17. I played Mathopoly, and I think it should be for grades 5-7 or 8. There were a few hard questions. I thought it was fun, but it takes a long time and it doesn’t have enough things that monopoly has. I would tell a teacher that it challenges brains with easy to hard questions.

  18. I played ice cream combination. I think it should be for third grade. It’s a little challinging but easy for me as a fourth grader.

  19. I played broken calculator. The game would probably be appropriate for fifth to seventh graders. I enjoyed the game because it was challenging. I would tell the teacher,”Let the students play games on their iPads as long as they’re educational and appropriate.” I liked the games on this website.

  20. I played broken calculator 4. I think that this game is appropriate for 4-7 graders. I liked this game because it was fun and challenging at the same time. Teachers should like this game because it challenges students in many ways.

  21. I really liked the river crossing because it was challenging. I think it was like a 3-6 grade level. I couldn’t figure it out until my friend Julia showed me how!!! Teachers should like this game because it is mind bending and challenging. I really enjoyed all of the games, but this one was my favorite.

  22. I really liked the game river crossing. I think it is for grades 4-6. I liked this game because it is challenging and fun. Once you figure it out you have to move on to level 2. Teachers should like this game because It is very hard to figure out. Our class could not figure out level 3.

  23. I loved river crossing! The hardest one was level 3! Level 2 is too easy! I also think river crossing should be for 2nd and 3rd graders! (By the way I finished ice cream combinations)

  24. I liked River Crossing. I think it’s for 3rd-4th graders. I liked it because you need a lot of skill to beat it. There’s lot of rules you have to follow. One rule is the wolf cannot be alone with the chicken. Another rule is you can not leave the chicken or wolf with the carrots. It’s a real challenge and I love challenges. River Crossing is a great learning game.

  25. I played Ice Cream Combinations and I think this game is appropriate for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. I love this game because it challenges you to think of all the Combinations you can make. I would tell a teacher that this game is challenging for 3 different grade levels.

  26. I played all the river crossings and completed the first two. It took me a billion tries, but I was the first one in my class to figure it out. I even beat my teacher! I like river crossing because I am in EY it still gives me a challenge.
    If my teacher didn’t like us playing games I would tell her (no lie) that this is a game that bends your brain and gives you a real challenge. It is also a great logic game.
    This game is for grades 3-5.

  27. I played addle and it’s actually very fun. It’s confusing though. I used a number I needed for another equation so you really have to think and put the number in the right place to correctly solve the problem.

  28. Olympic Rings-I liked the challenge and I think it should be 5th grade.

    Months of the Year-Pretty good for remembering the months. I think it should be 3rd to 4th grade.

    Multitude helps with multiplication so I like it and it should be used for 5th to 6th grade.

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