Science Mini Spark #16 Why do snowflakes have six sides?

Let’s learn more about the six sided fluffy white stuff that has been flying around!  Watch this video to get started.


At this site you can see some snowflakes under a microscope and read about how snowflakes are formed.

To earn this mini spark, create a script where you are interviewing a snowflake. Include 3 or 4 interview with the snowflake providing answers. You can use the questions ideas below as a guide or you can create your own.
  1. What initiates the formation of a snowflake and how does it evolve into a complete snowflake?
  2. Explain the process of crystallization and how it contributes to the symmetrical shape of a snowflake?
  3. Why do snowflakes have six sides?
  4. How does the temperature and humidity of the air influence the basic shape of an ice crystal?
  5. What are the types of ice crystals formed at different temperatures, and what conditions contribute to their formation?
  6. Describe how the atmospheric conditions encountered by an ice crystal affect the intricate shape and arms of a snowflake.
  7. How do the different paths from the sky to the ground influence the unique appearance of individual snowflakes?
  8. What are some of the diverse forms and patterns that individual snowflakes can resemble?
  9. In what ways do slight changes in the surrounding temperature or humidity impact the growth and direction of the arms of a snowflake?

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