Science Mini-Spark # 3 Glue or Tape?

The oldest glue in the world is over 8,000 years old and comes from a cave near the Dead Sea. Today, we have enough types of tape and glue to build and repair almost anything. But what gives glue and tape their stickiness? And is one stronger than the other? Elizabeth Cox explores the world of adhesives.

Pick an activity or two and share what you have learned.

  • This is a vocabulary rich video. Create a mini dictionary to go along with the video.
  • Write a short speech from the point of view of tape or glue explaining why it is better than the other.
  • Who invented Scotch Tape? Do some research to answer this question.
  • Why would you want to use duct tape to hold a chain of bowling balls instead of glue?
  • Make a list of all of the the types of tapes and glues that you know about. Don’t forget those made by nature.




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