Science Mini Spark # 18 What REALLY Happened to the Dodos

What do you know about dodo birds? Record what you know on a page titled “Dodo Information”. Watch the TED Ed video that provides detailed information about these interesting birds.


Choose several of these questions to answer in thoughtful sentences. Add the responses to your dodo info page that you started before watching the video. Add any other information that you would like to your dodo information page.
  1. Describe the origin of dodos as explained in the video.
  2. How did dodos adapt to their environment on the island of Mauritius?
  3. Discuss the factors that contributed to the downfall of dodos.
  4. How did human activities, such as the arrival of Dutch sailors, impact the dodo population?
  5. In what ways did the dodo prove to be a survivor on its island home before facing extinction?
  6. How did the introduction of invasive species contribute to the decline of dodos and other Mauritian animals?
  7. Reflecting on the extinction of the dodo, what larger lesson can be learned about human impact on wildlife?

Want to know more?

Take a trip to visit Google arts and Culture and learn more about the dodo.

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