September 14-18, 2020 National Weekly Quiz Bowl Challenge Leaderboard

Congratulations to Mrs. Limbach and Jake N. for having the top score from last week’s National Potpourri Challenge from NewzBrain!
A new National Potpourri Challenge has been posted so log into NewzBrain and take the quiz.  Send your score to and check back to see where you stand in the rankings!

Week of September 14-18 Leaderboard

Teacher in the Lead: Dr. Spady with a score of 310  (I know this won’t last long ;))

Student in the Lead: Bing Yi (WMS) with a score of 360

  • Alex C (Paddock): 310

We had 10 teachers sign up for an account by last Friday, September 11 and Mr. Horton won $5 for doing so!

 Teachers & Students: You can still sign up and take part in a weekly National Potpourri Challenge.  Email to request an account!


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