L. Arts Mini-Spark #18: About You!!!

Your teacher would like to learn a little bit about you!

Please respond to the following stems in a Google Doc  that you share with your EY Coordinator and your teacher:

A- Age:

B- Biggest fear:

C- Current time:

D- Your favorite day of the week:

E- Every day starts with this activity:

F- Favorite song:

G- What makes you giggle?:

H- Hardest obstacle you’ve overcome:

I- Itching to buy:

J- Favorite joke:

K- Last kind deed you performed:

L- Last meal you ate:

M- Middle name:

N- Number of siblings:

O- One wish:

P- Person you last called:

Q- Question you’re often asked:

R- Reason to smile:

S- Song last sang:

T- Time you woke up today:

U- Something that makes you unhappy:

V- Dream vacation destination: Hawaii

W- Your worst habit:

Y- Your favorite food:

X- X-Rays you’ve had:

Z- Zodiac sign:

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