A Season of Change



Wow, it’s hard to believe that the days of fall have been replaced with the dramatic shift to snow, but that’s the reality of Nebraska I guess!  EY has been experiencing new and exciting shifts as well as the second quarter unfolds.

Our main focus in EY this quarter is on current events and their impact on us.  Through research, students will create a timeline to show world, national, and local events in a 20 year span, with their birthday being the center point.  Our lives are continually impacted by what is going on in the world around us.  This topic allows us to take a closer look at how these events play a role in who we are as well as in our daily lives.  We will be making connections with the past and looking at how that impacts our future.  EY students are also working on the E/I opportunities I present in their regular classrooms, as this is another part of their EY experience.

I have really enjoyed getting to know all 3rd-6th grade students in my schools through our E/I time.  I have introduced many different enrichment opportunities and am encouraging all students to own their learning by taking advantage of those opportunities that interest them.  Computer coding, independent passion projects, BOTB, and logic/critical thinking experiences are just a few examples.  We have also held seminars/contests for all 4th-6th grade students such as our Creative Problem Solving seminar, School Spelling Bees, and Quiz Bowl.  We have students studying hard for the upcoming District Spelling Bee and school Geography Bees that will be taking place soon.  If students are interested in an event/contest, they are asked to complete and submit an assigned task (quiz, story, project, etc…) in order to participate.  These opportunities are presented to students during E/I time.  Please keep an eye on the Events & Contests tab in this blog for more information on upcoming opportunities.

I am so lucky to work with such amazing students and look forward to another quarter filled with new opportunities for learning and success!

Enjoy this season of change!

Joan Skaggs






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  1. I will definitely try to do a ton of things Mrs. Skaggs. I like any kind of seminar so I will try to do a ton of the tickets, but I might not have time because now I’m in advanced math.

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