Let’s Go Fishing

Rules of the Game

You need to fish to survive!

  1. Each round will last 1 minute
  2. You will be fishing with your straw. Only whole fish will count.
  3. If you take 0 or 1 fish, your family will starve and you will lose the game
  4. If you take 2 fish your family will live, but you won’t make any money
  5. If you take more than 2 fish you can ‘sell’ them for points
  6. When your group runs out of fish the game is over
  7. Each fish remaining at the end of the year is able to spontaneously reproduce and make one new fish. For example, 2 fish become 4, 4 fish become 8, up to a max of 16

Use the following tables to keep track of the points.


Discussion Questions

-Did anyone in your group take too many fish? How did that make you feel? Did everyone try to take as many as possible? Why or why not?

-What was your strategy for round 2?

-How did your strategy change?

-What is a model?

-What other models do you know of? Can you use your strategies in them?

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