Innovators at Westgate

Third quarter was full of innovation at Westgate!  On Feb. 22, a group of students participated in the 2014 Robotics Expo at Strategic Air and Space Museum.  The students competed in various events that required problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking.  Fourth graders Alex and Caleb entered the documentation competition and earned first place for their innovative ideas.  Alex designed a customizable classroom chair and Caleb came up with an innovative way to keep his clothes organized.

Robotics  Documentation

In March, Westgate received grant funds from the Kids in Need Foundation.  We purchased nine Makey Makeys and the kids have been having a blast!  Check out the videos and pictures!

Makey Makey Video

Rock Band Makey Makey

IMG_5501 IMG_5497

Although we missed the deadline, Google hosts an annual competition called Doddle 4 Google and sixth grader Tera came up with a great design!


First graders Abigail and Marin earned honors from the Metropolitan Reading Council for the stories they wrote about a new and unusual superhero.


Great job Gators!  Continue to think creatively, be imaginative and innovative!

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