March Madness! Parent/Teacher Conferences and More!

Hello to all!  I think we are seeing the light at the end of this long winter tunnel.  At least, that is what I am thinking to get me through this really cold Monday.  The weatherman had best be telling the truth!

I wanted to touch base and let you know what my schedule looks like for conferences this time.  My plan is to be in each school on the opposite day from the first conferences.  This means I will be at Loveland on Tuesday, March 11th and then Sunset on Wednesday, March 12th.  I will attempt to make it to each scheduled conference in that building but I can’t promise that it will happen.  If our paths do not cross, and you would like to discuss your child’s progress, please call or send me an e-mail and we will set something up.  I wish there was an easier solution and I could meet with you all, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

The students in grades 4-5 are all busy working on their inventions or innovations.  They each will get a presentation board this week to use with their exhibit.  They are expected to have a prototype of their invention or a detailed diagram.  It is fun to watch them create.  Some struggle with the idea but are eager to create the advertisement and explanation.  Some are the opposite, the idea part was easy, but now they have to work at the writing piece.  And some are strong in both areas– we may have some inventors in our midst!

The sixth grade students are working in collaborative teams to create a Rube Goldberg Machine that will complete a simple task.  There are guidelines and a rubric to keep them on track.  This takes patience and perseverance.  Their creativity and problem solving skills will be tested as they attempt to make them work.  What looks great on paper, does not always work in reality.

Grades 4-6 will share their inventions, innovations and chain reaction contraptions with each other later this month as a culmination of our Innovation Concept.  Our next quarter will focus on Connections –  from the past to the present and the future.

I hope to see all of you next week, but please feel free to e-mail or call with questions or concerns.  Hard to believe we are in the fourth quarter!  Wow!  As always, thanks for sharing your children with me!



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