May Day Fun



Over 160 slices of pizza were consumed Thursday morning at a Blind Taste Test at the Westside Community Conference Center.  Twenty 3rd-6th grade students had an opportunity to give their input on the pizza that will be served in Westside cafeterias next year.


Later that day, over fifty 5th-6th grade students participated in the Brownell-Talbot Math Contest.  Students completed an individual and team contest in addition to several math challenge activities.  Congratulations to the following Westside students who brought home honors.

  • Ava from Oakdale placed 3rd in the 5th grade group
  • Gus from Rockbrook also placed 3rd in the 5th grade group
  • Chiharu from Loveland placed 5th in the 5th grade group
  • Graham from Swanson was a top scorer in the 5th grade group
  • Victoria from Loveland placed  1st in the 6th grade group
  • Kenan from Loveland placed 2nd in the 6th grade group
  • Theo from Paddock placed 3rd in the 6th grade group
  • Ashleigh from Paddock placed 4th in the 6th grade group
  • The Paddock team of Theo, Ashleigh, Emma, Cindy, and David scored 71 points and placed 2nd in the team contest.
  • The Loveland team of Victoria, Kenan, Korbin, Eleanor, and Bella scored 70 points and placed 3rd place in the team contest.

Congratulations to all students who competed!


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