Battle of the Books Schedule

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The 2015 Battle of the Books celebration is only a week away and we are getting geared up for an exciting day!  Here’s the schedule:

Friday, March 13 @ Westside Community Conference Center

9:30-10:00: Students will arrive and set up their projects (up to 2 per student).  There will be BOTB questions looping on the screen for students to answer.  During this time, students will have an opportunity to earn tickets for the prize drawings.

10:00-10:25: Presentation by Playwright Ellen Struve 

10:30-11:00: Skype call with Kathryn Fitzmaurice-author of BOTB book A Diamond in the Desert

11:00-11:10: Another chance to earn prize tickets by answering BOTB questions

11:15-11:45: Skype call with Valerie Hobbs-author of BOTB book Sheep

11:45-12:10: Lunch with another opportunity to earn prize tickets

12:10-12:30: Group BOTB competition using Kahoot!

12:30-12:50:  Skype call with W.H. Beck-author of BOTB book Malcolm at Midnight

12:55-1:30: Individual BOTB competition

1:30-1:45: Westside Community member and retired administrator Marla Fries will do a presentation on her Free Little Library

1:45-2:05: Ellen Scott from the Bookworm will do a presentation on our Westside neighborhood family-owned bookstore.  She will also be promoting a reading challenge!

2:05-2:20: Awards

2:25: Load buses and head back to school


Bus 1: pick up Hillside at 8:50, Westbrook at 9:00, Swanson at 9:10 and Sunset at 9:20

Bus 2: pick up WMS at 8:50 (any Algebra or Pre-Algebra students), Loveland at 9:00, and Westgate at 9:10, and Paddock at 9:20

Bus 3:  pick up Oakdale at 9:00, Rockbrook at 9:10, and Prairie Lane at 9:20.

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