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#23 Reading Enrichment: Edgar Allan Poe!


Who was Edgar Allan Poe? Poe was a famous American author – and many of his poems and stories are still being read and enjoyed over 100 year after his death on October 7, 1849.

Find out more about Edgar Allan Poe by checking out this Wonderopolis entry:

Take the Wonderopolis quiz and post your score below in the comments section.

Now, go a little bit further:

Check out this website about Poe and his literary works:

After exploring that site, choose one of the following activities:

a) Create a drawing to go along with one of Poe’s works.

b) Write your own poem or short story, “Poe style”.

Send your drawing or poem/short story to your EY Coordinator.

#22 Reading Enrichment Roald Dahl


September 13th is Roald Dahl’s birthday! He would be over 100 yrs old.

Visit the site below to get “Life Advice from Roald Dahl in 10 Scrumdiddlyumptious Quotes!”

Read the quotes and choose your favorite one!

In the comment section below, tell us what your favorite Roald Dahl quote is and what it means to you!

#20 Reading Enrichment: 7 Fictional Places We Hope NEVER Host the Olympics!


Have you ever been frightened by places you’ve read about in books or seen in movies or on television?  What if those places were under consideration for hosting the Olympics?  Can you IMAGINE???

Go to the following link: and read the blog about the 7 fictional places that the author hopes NEVER hosts the Olympics.

Then, we’d like you to contribute.  Think about the most recent book you’ve read, or movie/tv show you’ve seen.   What fictional place do you hope never hosts the Olympics and why?  Please explain in the comments section below!

#19 Reading Enrichment: About You!!!

Your teacher would like to learn a little bit about you!

Please respond to the following stems in a Google Doc  that you share with your EY Coordinator and your teacher:

A- Age:

B- Biggest fear:

C- Current time:

D- Your favorite day of the week:

E- Every day starts with this activity:

F- Favorite song:

G- What makes you giggle?:

H- Hardest obstacle you’ve overcome:

I- Itching to buy:

J- Favorite joke:

K- Last kind deed you performed:

L- Last meal you ate:

M- Middle name:

N- Number of siblings:

O- One wish:

P- Person you last called:

Q- Question you’re often asked:

R- Reason to smile:

S- Song last sang:

T- Time you woke up today:

U- Something that makes you unhappy:

V- Dream vacation destination: Hawaii

W- Your worst habit:

Y- Your favorite food:

X- X-Rays you’ve had:

Z- Zodiac sign:

#18 Reading enRichment: Word Fit Puzzle App

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.42.15 AM

It’s time to slash and burn your way through the competition of Word Fit Puzzle! It’s more like swipe and drag, but it’s no less thrilling or satisfying when you dominate the Word Puzzle battlefield! The action is fast and intense, it has to be, because the clock is ticking and it’s not your friend unless you’re quick thinking and lightning with the swipe and the drop!

Word Fit puzzle is a new generation of crossword puzzle game (sometimes known as Criss-Cross). There are no clues, only words to choose, spaces to fill, and plenty of quick thinking competition to battle! Who’s the competition? Yourself!  Beat your own times and learn some new words while you’re at it!

This isn’t just playtime, though!  Each time you play a round, find a word from your puzzle that is unfamiliar to you.  Take the time to look up the definition and post it in the comments section below.

Click here to download this free app!

Learn and enjoy!


#17 Reading Enrichment: Biographies!


When it comes to non-fiction reading, my favorite subject is biographies!  I love to learn about other people and what made or makes them important.

If you share my same passion, check out the website below.  It contains biographies of anyone from world leaders to inventors and scientists!

  • For this week’s Reading enRichment, select a biography to read.
  • Respond in the comments section below with the most interesting fact you learned.
  • Create a mini-quiz (5 questions or less) about your subject and e-mail it along with the link to your EY Coordinator.

Biographies link:

#15 Reading enrichment: Fun Story Starters!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.46.58 AM

Scholastic has developed a fun way for students to break that writers’ block!  Just go to the following link: and decide which theme you’d like to explore!

Once you decide, enter your first name and choose your grade level. Next, spin the wheel to get your story starter!  You can even spin the individual columns to change a piece of the story starter, if you want to!

Once you’re happy with your story starter, choose a format for your story.  You can pick from notebook, letter, newspaper, or postcard.  You can even include a drawing of your own!  When you’re satisfied, click “All Done” and you can choose to save your story or start a new one.

Take a screen shot of your completed story and send it to your EY coordinator!  We’re anxious to see what fun stories you come up with!