2014-15 Seminars and Contests

We are excited to offer a variety of seminars this year.  All students are welcome to attend, however there will always be some sort of “ticket” that needs to be completed first.  The “ticket” might be a qualifying test or a project you develop.

Westside Schools often get invited to special contests (math contests, quiz bowls, etc.)  Those contests are not listed below, but make sure to check this site often for updates!


7 thoughts on “2014-15 Seminars and Contests

  1. I can’t wait until extreme math day is available to do. I don’t exactly like math at times, I am just really good at it. Sometimes I just don’t want to stop doing math, like when I learned long division!

    1. Hi Cale-If you’d like to attend Extreme Math Day, make sure to do the weekly Math Minutes located under Learning Opportunities.

    1. Thanks for posting Anthony. There will be information coming out about the Art Apprentice seminar sometime in early March.

    1. Hi Saanvi! Thanks for your question. We will let students know at the end of April if they are invited to attend Extreme Math Day.

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