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2014 Spelling Bee

During the week of October 6, 4th through 6th grade teachers will administer the qualifying spelling test in the classroom.  The top 10-14 students will compete in a school spelling bee which will be run a little different this year.

On Tuesday, October 21, Hillside, Westbrook, Swanson, Loveland, and Sunset will have their spelling bees at Underwood Hills on 90th and Western.

On Thursday, October 23, Westgate, Paddock Road, Oakdale, Rockbrook, and Prairie Lane will have their spelling bees at the Community Conference Center (CCC) on 108th and Grover.

School vehicles will be used to transport the students to Underwood Hills and the CCC where they will compete in the spelling bee.  Parents and family are welcome to attend.

Below is the tentative schedule for each day.

October 21 at Underwood Hills

  • Hillside 9:15-10:15
  • Westbrook 10:30-11:30
  • Swanson 11:45-12:45
  • Loveland 1:00-2:00
  • Sunset 2:15-3:15

October 23 at CCC

  • Westgate 9:15-10:15
  • Paddock 10:30-11:30
  • Oakdale 11:45-12:45
  • Rockbrook 1:00-2:00
  • Prairie Lane 2:15-3:15

2014-15 Seminars and Contests

We are excited to offer a variety of seminars this year.  All students are welcome to attend, however there will always be some sort of “ticket” that needs to be completed first.  The “ticket” might be a qualifying test or a project you develop.

Westside Schools often get invited to special contests (math contests, quiz bowls, etc.)  Those contests are not listed below, but make sure to check this site often for updates!